YES! – brothers, sisters and dearest confidants, the rumors are true…


7th – 10th of August.

There are islands and there are islands. Then there is… The Island.

The Island is located on the West coast of Sweden, in an archipelago somewhere between Gothenburg and Oslo, and is a very special place where many things come together. Things of a secret nature. Things like Secret Island Nation. Or SIN as we also like to call it, inspired by the first half of a famous quote by the old school raver Martin Luther: “Be a SINNER and SIN boldly”.

7th – 10th of August 2014, those are the dates, only to be shared with the trustworthy.

Our vision of SIN for 2014 is not of an ordinary techno festival during four days of summer, but of a kind of temporary autonomous zone – a micronation or Ötopia if you will – where we as a community come together in order to prototype and experiment with alternative ways of relating to each other. All in order to make reality of our shared ideas and dreams, and where possible bring this inspiration back to our everyday life…
Can you dig it?

SIN 2014 in a nutshell (as found on our beloved beach):

- Less is more, with a lowered number of participants set to 400 citizens plus artists.
- But more is also more, at least when it comes to art grants! A big chunk of the budget will be used to fund artworks and other community-driven creations on the island…
- Participatory culture with focus on co-creation and mutual responsibility.
- The sweetest music to your ears, delivered in one of the most beautiful settings Sweden has to offer.

Questions or suggestions? Contact me at: I will be the new kid in charge, working closely with Björn and other people both old and new.

More detailed information will come soon. Follow the SIN Facebook group to stay informed until the new website at is up and running.

With hopes to meet you on The Island in 2014!

Your SIN crew