A sweet but secret selection of DJs from the 2012 Festival:
(Some DJs were not able to confirm yet so we will organize it spontaneously, just like during the festival.)

!!! This will be the only SIN / Schwedenparty in Germany for this year !!!




Yes, Secret Island Nation Festival is scheduled for 2014. Mottos: less is more, back to the roots, more participatory. We’ll see…

Currently, two initiatives (by the police and the municipality of Havstenssund) have announced they will XXXX with us legally. Whatever the outcome, we will figure out something. Profit from this Reunion Party will be held back for potential law suits (don’t these guys have something better to do? Like chasing criminals?) 

We still have some merchandise left, vinyls, sweaters and more. Check here:  




15. June: Midsommar Festival, Switzerland

Again, Midsommar will be celebrated in Switzerland in a former prison outside Lucerne, where the Alp cows’ bells are ringing in the outdoor backstage. And the Swiss audience…damn! They know how to party for a loooong time.


 19.-21. July: Sehr Schön Festival, Southern Norway

Nomen est omen. This boutique festival is organized for the first time by Norwegian SINNERs and the lineup holds a significant chunk of familiar SIN-DJs. So the music as well as the people should be supergeil. Nothing beats “our” island but Norway also features some of the most unequally spectacular nature on the planet. This Sehr Schøn festival is located in a private forest nearby one of these ridiculously beautiful lakes in the south of Norway. We have been informed there are still some tickets left but you may wanna mention you are a SINNER to increase your chance to get one.

Well, Saturday in Berlin it is. Welcome!


Secret Island Nation Festival & Schwedenparty

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